Monday, July 25, 2016

#PimpMyBio for #PitchWars Mentee - YA Sci-Fi

Hi there, PitchWars universe!

For anyone who doesn't know what PitchWars is, it's a yearly contest hosted by the lovely and brilliant Brenda Drake. A slew of talented authors and editors take time out of their busy schedules to take on a mentee and help make their manuscript shine for the highly anticipated agent round.

Hundreds of hopeful mentees flock the #PitchWars feed as they stalk potential mentors. And while not every hopeful will be picked, there is still a ton of perks to participating (including finding new CPs, bonding with mentors, and so much more).

Who the heck is this and why should you care?

I am a self-proclaimed adventurer, amateur Attan dancer and YA writer.
Growing up as first generation American and coming from a obscenely large Afghan-Uzbek family (and by large, I mean over 500 people large), I've had my fair share of awkward teenage moments and culture clashes that have led to full on cataclysmic battles. While navigating American and familial culture felt at times tiresome, I wouldn't trade my experiences for the world. In fact, I think going through all the hurdles of finding my perfect balance led me straight to my true love: writing.

As far as my writing interests go, I write anything from sci-fi to fantasy to historical. While I enjoy reading the occasional contemporary/teen romance, for the life of me I simply cannot write them. Call me a natural dreamer, but if my stories don't have some sort of fantastical element to them, I often feel like something is missing. </3

What I'm submitting:

This year, I'm submitting my YA sci-fi THE TIME SLAVE.

I've nurtured this story over the year it took me to write it and then the next year it took to edit, polish and query. Seeing as this is my baby manuscript (yes, it is my first written manuscript), I've been through hell and back for it. I've done 4 major revisions where this story looks nothing like its first form (that first draft has been buried deep underground for no one to see, ever). I've loved watching the natural evolution of TIME SLAVE with each edit and I know future revisions will only continue to make it stronger. I AM NOT AFRAID OF MAJOR EDITING. BRING. IT. ON.

Here's my baby manuscripts little blurb:

Hidden beneath the skyscrapers of modern-day Manhattan lies a technologically advanced compound. Kept within its walls are Time Slaves, an indentured community forced to pay their debts to the compound with time.

THE TIME SLAVE story line is set in motion when Time Slave Liam's sister disappears. Suspecting less than honorable intentions from the compounds leader, Liam decides the only way to get his sister back is to trade for something of equal importance to the compound.

Enter Sahar Ihsan, the next in line to lead the compound. Liam's plan is foolproof: Take Sahar. Trade Sahar for sister. Problem solved.

But when Sahar reacts badly to the mention of an underground compound, let alone Time Slaves, he worries he's taken the wrong girl. Add in her uncanny ability to calm the storm inside of him and he's put himself in a terrible predicament.

As he introduces her to the world her family created, he struggles between trusting her and sticking to his original plan. If he chooses incorrectly, he'll lose more than his sister, he'll lose his entire world and everyone that matters in it.

With fledgling romance, family secrets, and embracing one's inner darkness, THE TIME SLAVE challenges the notion of what it means to be a hero/villain and realizing that they might just be one and the same.

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