About Me

I'm a self-proclaimed adventurer, amateur attan dancer and YA writer.
I grew up in a house nestled deep in the woods of Virginia. With the forest as my stomping grounds, an adventurer was borne.

Epic battles between turtles. Rushing creeks bursting with fish. Coves spilling with treasures untold. Accidental run-in's with rouge beavers. Crickets and lizards slipping through fingers. Climbing with tree-frogs. Standing on cliffs with hands touching the sky. Crisp nights filled with blazing fireflies. And so, so, so much more.

With the forest as my stomping grounds and with the desire of never wanting to forget, adventuring gave way to writing.

And I'm so glad it did.

I currently reside in Philadelphia, PA.

When I'm not adventuring in places I don't belong, I like to row on the Schuylkill River (And yes, I dare you to try to pronounce it).

I am an editorial assistant at Disney Hyperion and Freeform.

I am currently seeking representation.