Beta/Editorial Service

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Let's face it, the editorial process can be terrifying. Just when you thought getting through the first draft was hard enough. Having gone through the editing process myself and seeing first hand the mistakes many newbie and experienced writers make, sometimes you just need a fresh set of eyes on your baby manuscript. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!


  • Beta Reading: I specialize in MG/YA. My interests vary across all genres, but I absolutely adore stories that feature the villain as the main character. Give me your flawed-but-lovable protagonists! 
  • Sensitivity Reading: I am open to all audiences and genres. If you need help with the following, please email me: 
    • Muslim/Islamic representation and culture, 
    • Afghan culture/history, 
    • Persian/Arab/Russian language, 
    • First Generation American culture clashes, 
    • Mental illness (specifically depression, OCD, bipolar, anorexia, bulimia), 
    • Eastern folklore (NOT Oriental; only Central Asia/Middle East).

  • Query Letter Editing: $10
    • A two pass edit with suggestions.
  • Synopsis Editing: $20
    • A two pass edit with suggestions.
  • Copy Editing: 0.01 cents per word
    • This strictly focuses on grammar, punctuation and spelling ONLY.
  • Line Editing: 0.015 cents per word
    • In addition to copy editing, I include feedback and suggestions in correcting inconsistencies and making the manuscript more reader friendly by adjusting formatting.
  • Content Editing: 0.02 cents per word
    • In addition to copy editing and line editing, I tackle world building, plot development, dialogue, etc. This is the most extensive and dynamic form of editing. My process is heavily involved in making sure your story shines.


I develop, edit and beta read dozens of manuscripts on a monthly basis. With each manuscript, I devote a huge chunk of time. And rightly so because your work deserves it. That also means I have expectations from my clients. I look for serious writers who want to improve their craft. This means after receiving my edits and suggestions, you will be meticulous with your own editing. I want your manuscript to succeed! If this sounds like you, then feel free to shoot me an email.


For beta and sensitivity reading, flat rates are determined by length of manuscript:

  • <40K: $50
  • 40K-60K: $100
  • 60K-80K: $150
  • 80K-100K: $200
  • 100K-120K: $250
  • >120K: $300
For all editorial work, I offer two passes, regardless of package. 

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